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Freddy hits the Mile High city...which these days is literally a mile high! We love you Denver!

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April 29th-May 1st, 2016

You didn't think San Antonio was the only Texas city to have fun, did you?Rob rides into town for a three day stay!


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January 29, 2013, 2:15:24 PM

Say Goodbye to 2012, Hello to 2013

How can it be that time flies but presidential elections seem to go on forever? The year 2012 started quietly. The highlight of January was that, as garden tour chair, I attended the board meeting in Three Arch Bay and was granted permission to hold the May tour there. In February Robert guest starred on “Criminal Minds” and was home in time to watch the Oscars with champagne, caviar with snarky friends.

The garden club’s prize winning flower power routine in the Patriot’s Day Parade in early March kicked-off ticket sales for the garden tour. The next weekend Robert had a personal appearance in NJ followed by a week in NYC. We caught Stockard Channing in Other Desert Cities and Angela Lansbury, James Earl Jones, John Larroquette in the timely revival of Gore Vidal’s The Best Man.  Plus jogging in Central Park, lunch at the Spotted Pig, Pina Bausch in 3D at Lincoln Center and other pleasures of the greatest city in the world.

At the end of April we went to Calgary, Canada for a p.a., home for one day, not even time to bust Maizy out of the Dog Ranch, before going to Australia for publicity in Melbourne and Sydney then took a sea plane to Hayman Island for dazzling snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.  Flocks of wild snow-white cockatoos raided the nuts in the mini-bar if we left our deck door open even a crack.

My mother Jackie came down for a lovely visit and many games of Scrabble at the end of April. We all went out for Indian food on my 50th (6/5). Robert turned 65 the next day. On the summer solstice girlfriends gathered for another celebration of my 50th, which began with “Blissful Buddha” cocktails and concluded with skinny-dipping in the Pacific.

Though I missed the garden tour, all through July I edited the souvenir books that the club presents to garden owners, which gave me the opportunity to pore over 827 photos of the gardens at their peak. (You can view the book on

In the heat of August we celebrated Tane Rice’s 5th birthday at Disneyland. Did you know the Electric Light Parade moved to Orlando? The fireworks are still great though. With Tane’s little sister Maya, Robert got to go on all his favorites: Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and, of course, Peter Pan’s Flight.

Later in August Robert went to San Antonio for a week to work on Sanitarium, starring John Glover and Malcolm McDowell.  Then he popped up to LA to guest star in an episode of the Comedy Central hit “Workaholics”. In late September we went to London. On our 24th anniversary we saw the play Jumpy, about mothers, daughters and turning 50. Robert spent a week starring in the celebrity edition of the cooking show, “Come Dine With Me” along with a psychic, a “Survivor” winner and a cross-dressing cage fighter while I explored galleries and gardens in the rain. The National Theatre production of One Man, Two Guvnors was a hoot.

Back home we cuddled with Maizy for a week then left for a p.a. in Dallas. Robert left from there to star in Kantemir in Pittsburgh where he worked for almost a month, broken up by a weekend in Orlando. He flew back to Pittsburgh just ahead of superstorm Sandy, which forced the production to use up its cover sets early and resulted in weeks of cold exterior night work in late November.

I visited my family in Marin for Halloween where my prosthetic six-breasted Den Mother werewolf costume failed to win a prize. Robert finally made it home just in time for Thanksgiving in Ojai. From there we continued up the coast to the dog friendly Cambria Shores Inn. Only Maizy got pillow mints! As the winter solstice nears, Maizy is eager to romp in the snow in Santa Fe.

We hope 2013 finds you happy and healthy and surrounded by love.

Love to you all, Nancy!

December 5, 2012, 5:00:10 PM

**** CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAY SHOPPING DAYS LIMIT**** Attention K-Mart (KruegerMart) Shoppers!!! This Year's Gift Buying/Receiving deadline is Wednesday December 12th, 2012. Meaning if you want your Krueger Gifts to arrive BY CHRISTMAS, you must have your order purchased by December 12th. Anything after that cannot be guarenteed to arrive in time. Rob and Nancy will be entertaining family for the full holiday season...thru to the New Years. Nancy MAY be able to get some orders out during that time, but will NOT be able to do ANY SIGN MY STUFF orders. If you order after Dec. 12 or before Jan, 2nd, 2013 ...your order may be delayed. We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season. And may I Love Satanmas be always in your favor! N.Englund webmonster rhet

June 4, 2012, 5:00 PM

From Laguna Beach, Ca

What's a boy to do? Stanley Cup or Gordon Ramsey night on Fox. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Love Robert

January 17, 2012, 1:42:37 PM

Happy 2012 to all our Fans at

Here is a special recap of 2011 just for you all

We began 2011 in Marin with my family After the 50th annual New Year’s Day hike from Pantoll ranger station to Stinson Beach, Robert, our new dog Maizy and I cruised down the California coast home to Laguna.

In February Robert wore leotards covered with green “mo-cap” dots to capture his motions for his role in the hit video game Call of the Dead. Reportedly Sarah Michelle Geller looks better in tights than Michael Rooker or Danny Trejo.

We picked a route in North Laguna for the May 6 Gate & Garden Tour, which I again chaired. I finished writing the tour brochure early so that in April when my mother came for a long visit I was free to spend plenty of time playing Scrabble with her under the umbrella on the deck.

Robert popped up to LA to shoot The Sexy Dark Ages for Funny or

Then in early June Robert traveled to London to shoot a small, key role in Strippers Vs Werewolves, which should come out soon. He plays the jailed, former wolf pack leader opposite the new alpha played by English character actor Billy Murray.

I joined him on location in Holland Park and then we moved to Mayfair for our birthdays.

We saw several terrific plays, including the National Theatre production of "War Horse" and a faultless revival of Pinter’s "Betrayal" with Kristin Scott Thomas. I went to Kew Gardens, which is really big! Wear comfortable shoes, especially if it is raining.

August was a busy month for public appearances. Robert and I traveled to Chicago, home for a week, then Toronto, Canada and Atlanta, GA on consecutive weekends. In Atlanta we rented a car and drove to Sea Island for a relaxing post Labor Day vacation at the empty Cloisters resort on the Atlantic.

While Robert worked in Gotenborg, Sweden I found a jogging trail down a canal then over to a botanical garden. Loved the glass house full of exotic palm trees and succulents.

On the way home we layed over a couple of days in London. Saw a weak, miscast version of "The Tempest". Gorged ourselves on Indian food.

In October we traveled to Boston for the Rock & Shock convention and the premiere of "Inkubus", departed from there to Spain where Robert attended red carpet premieres of "I Want To Be A Soldier" in Madrid and Barcelona.

While we were in Spain we learned Robert had been hired to poach gigantic crocodiles in Bulgaria for the SyFy channel. We had a couple of pretty days in Sofia, including more Indian food and a visit to the splendid archeology museum before heading an hour out of town to shoot at the rustic Lake Iskar doubling for Maine.

"Lake Placid, Final Chapter" will be out on the SyFy channel in about a year. First they have to CGI in the giant gators.

We were in Bulgaria for Halloween so missed Robert’s guest star on Hawaii Five -0 but had friends at the house greet all those anxious trick-or-treaters. Local suburban legend has it Freddy himself answers the door every 50th kid. Not true.

Returning home in November, Jet lag helped us stay up to watch three episodes of Boardwalk Empire back to back. Then we drove north for Thanksgiving with my family. We bounced up the coast stopping in Carmel and Sausalito, then inland through Napa to Lake County. The view from the kitchen of our host’s home over the valley of vineyards in patchwork shades of red-orange-yellow was spectacular. Now I know why Robert was so willing to wash all those Thanksgiving dishes.

We are back from Santa Fe where it snowed for Christmas.

We love you all, so 'Ciao for Niao' Kruegerites!

Nancy & Robert Englund

January 9, 2012, 6:45:00 PM

A film by Joshua Dean

December 16, 2011, 12:13:39 PM

Happy Holidays to all of you! I want to thank you for your patience over the past month. The webmonster ran into some programming probs while in Europe. But we've sorted them out, we think. Without further ADO:


Here are the winners, from third to first place:

3rd Place/Prize is a tie between Josh Meseck and Miranda Doerfler, who each created scary scenes which wrapped around the sphere...Prizes to both!

2nd Place/Prize goes to Elizabeth Davis not only for the creature with the big teeth and hands under the stairs but also the pumpkin carved with a crowd of zombies. So a Prize going to Elizabeth!

And the winner is...

1st Place/Prize Natalie Tomaszewski - whose Nosferatu blew my mind. The imagery is sophisticated and the technique shows a mastery of the pumpkin arts.


Everyone knows I am a soft touch. I just have a hard time picking the best. So these are also pumkin artworks, costumes...etc that Robert and I really liked. Last year I sent little gifts off to the Honorable mentioned folks. If I can this year too, I will...but temper your expectations, things are CRAAZZZYYY around the Englund the Honorable Mentions might have to accept just my personal thanks this year...we'll see. Here goes:

Krilova Ekaterina for those creepy paintings
Joshua Dean for fun images and excellent use of negative space,
Dragonroar Ruthie for her complex mis-en-scene
Amber Buttrum's anime mash-up.
Aelia Petro inadvertently with her pumpkin contest entry.

Sara Childers inadvertantly wins the Costume Contest...which we were'nt holding, but it's definately on for next year!!!!

and...Robert Kriess!

Thank you ALL for participating. Everyone who entered will get a signed postcard. But please send me your snail mail addresses through the website's contact form... Just put CONTEST in the subject line.

Love and Happy Holidays to all you little monsters... Nancy

October 19, 2011, 11:04:59 AM

Hi Dreamerz:

Just a note about signed halloween cards for this year; My husband has just learned he will be headed to Bulgaria over the halloween period for work. We are not sure if we are going to be able to get any more signed Halloween Cards out on time. He is due back on November 11th.

Now I am trying to work out a solution with the webmonster to somehow bring a box of cards to us in Bulgaria. I'll have Rob sign a card he chooses and we'll try to get it out to you before halloween. Then when he returns to the US he'll sign the item you ordered anyway and send it off. If we can do this, we'll let everyone now here at

We are both very sorry if this causes any distress for you sweeties, but the life of an actor can be, if you paron the pun...a real nightmare.

I hope you all will understand,

Love and peace to all, Auntie Nancy...

August 28, 2011, 6:08:37 PM

Hi everybody: We just want to give a big thanks to webmonster Rhet for putting together a mobile version of our site in just two days. Yes we know it's not perfect yet...but for now it will allow you to do a few things while you are out there in the big ol' world.

So check it out on your IPAD/IPHONES. If you use a Android OS phone or tablet, please continue to enjoy the full site. Hope you are all doing well!!! Peace out - Robert.

February 11, 2011, 11:36:07 AM

Here is a bit of news for the AUGUST FLASH BACK WEEKEND 2011 from Nancy Englund:

"...Robert is going to appear at Flashback Weekend. Every show is different. Generally Robert's autograph costs $30 on your item or on the photos he provides. He will probably have his memoir HOLLYWOOD MONSTER available for sale as well.

Generally you can take unposed pictures of Robert for free. Flashback generally has a photographer for photo ops which cost about $20. With that you receive a color 8x10 print of you and/or your family with Robert taken by a professional photographer.

The Flashback website can probably answer other questions. I do know that Robert is generally on of the more popular guests and sometimes only VIP ticket holders are guaranteed a signature. Others must wait in line and sometimes Robert doesn't get to everyone.

Sundays are generally the quiet day at a show and you will have much better luck getting the autographs you want on a Sunday. Hope to see you all there...Nancy"

Jot this down on your calenders, Dreamerz!

November 28, 2010, 2:40:41 PM

from Sweden:

As expected while in Sweden i saw the inside of a convention center, people dressed as Princess Leia, and a long line of folks waiting for their moment with Robert. Very, very cold. I was contemplating going for a run but today's driving snow put the kabosh on that.The sun sets at 3;30 here so if you've been saving daylight, send it to Sweden, they can really use it. Tomorrow we head to London for a week. Plays and other amusements are already lined up.

Lots of love, Nancy

November 14, 2010, 10:21:54 AM

from NYC Horrorfest 2010:

Hornitos Tequilla and Robert Englund have partnered up to present to you the finesst series of Tequilla ever created by humans. Hornitos Website.

There is no better moment in life than to sip a shot of Hornitos Plata with Rob at Splashes in Laguna Beach at the Surf 'n Sand Hotel overlooking the Majestic Pacific Ocean. If you are of age, give Hornitos a shot. 'Plomo o Plata'? we say PLATA!

November 13, 2010, 9:26:14 AM

from NYC Horrorfest 2010:

Took a splendid walk through the park yesterday. Dogs everywhere, squirrels with rabies and trees changing. No Stay-pufft monster menacing the Dakota this day, just a bunch of punters on the pond. I'm a sucker for buildings reflected in water. And the final photo is our hotel from across the park.

We saw THE 39 STEPS off Broadway, all 104 parts played by 4 people. Hilarious.

We walked home from our play to discover snow in the gutters right around the front of our hotel... Making movies, on location. Elaborate set dress for what looked like a short scene of a guy answering a cell phone as he walked by holiday shops. They were just wrapping up when we woke up this morning.

Tourists seem mystified by the lingering snow. OK, the Statue of Liberty is just my "What? And give up show biz?" moment.

And the Eloise flag on the front of the Plaza is for my niece who was enchanted by the portrait of Eloise in the lobby there.

Walking around on the west side and stumbled on this building with Egyptian details, now a pediatrician's office. You don't need to look far to see fascinating details. Makes me want to be a pigeon so i can see them up close.

Tonight Robert gets his Lifetime Achievement award from the NYC Horror Film Fest, the real reason we are here. Oh boy, i get to go for a run in the Park while Robert does an interview.

For now, xoxox N

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Quickly working it's way to the top of DVD sales at Amazon, Inkubus is a classic!

2001 Maniacs

"You are what they eat" goes the tag line for this classic Horror flick.

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

An enjoyable and entertaining alternative to the current rash of relentlessly grim fright fare.

Black Swarm

A pack of intelligent and deadly genetically-modified wasps attack.


Rob directs this wicked B-Movie.

Behind the Mask

An amusing and affectionate nod to slasher-movie franchises like Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street,

Big Wednesday

Robert's love of surfing circa 1978

Freddy's Nightmares - TV Series

Robert stars & directs a few episodes 1988-1990. Tobe Hooper directs the Pilot Episode. Not the greatest reproduction, but hard to find all of them.


Robert stars in this scary and Hilarious good they made 2!

Galaxy Of Terror

Low Budget Roger Corman Studios Pic, with Happy Days's Erin Moran.

V The Original Series

An International Hit! Robert plays Willie, the pivotal Alien role.


Do we really need to describe this? Hell No!!!

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